Author James Daughtry

Jim Daughtry
When I Became A Man 
February-April 2020, Weds. 7 pm, Summit Bible Church

James Daughtry has appeared at men's conferences and on radio programs throughout the United States. He graduated from Bible college with a Bachelor's degree and while serving as a missionary earned a Masters from a Mexican university. He is fluent in Spanish and currently involved in men's and cross-cultural ministries.

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jim for more than 20 years... he is a man with a great heart for God, for God's people, for God's Word, and for God's ministry. He has a ministry mindset and has discipled men in both Spanish and English... Jim is a man of God and I highly recommend him and his ministry to you."  
Craig Parro, President, Leadership Resources 

Pacific Garden Mission
His book, When I Became A Man, is receiving the highest reviews from Christian leaders. A large percentage of the profits from the book is used to provide free copies to prison chaplains, missionaries, and low-income men's ministries. 

Pastor Jeff Bower of the Pacific Garden Mission, home of the "Unshackled" radio program receives a case of books from author James Daughtry. The Mission has used When I Became A Man in their men's Bible training program to disciple men.

James Daughtry also supports The Lighthouse, a Christian Men's Rehabilitation Center. 

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