The Words of King Lemuel

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Men and women can now discover a treasure of wisdom and knowledge in the beautiful and mysterious words of King Lemuel!

Although Proverbs 31 is well known, it is not well understood. In this amazing book, James Daughtry unlocks the secrets of this ancient Proverb. Through his extensive research of the Middle East and the Hebrew language, he uncovers the lost and hidden meanings. Using simple terms, he clearly explains each verse and reveals the incredible truths.

As you read each chapter, you will be transported back in time to a land and civilization that is different from our modern society. At first, their customs may seem strange, but you will soon begin to understand their way of life. This easy-to-read book includes questions and can serve as a group study guide or personal devotional.

Author: James Daughtry (See Author's Page)

Format: Paperback, Pages: 120, Printed in USA

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Reviews and Honors

"I appreciate...the reflections in their proper historical and cultural context" Dr. Jeren Rowell, President, Nazarene Theological Seminary

"practical commentary...and useful guide through Proverbs 31" Dr. Gary E. Gilley, Pastor Southern View Chapel

"a very good volume...thorough and relevant...I like the art work, too." Rev. Ken Smith, Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

"commentary and Bible study...helpful in explaining...cultural details that can be easily overlooked or misunderstood...can be applied today by both men and women." Dr. Richard Bargas, Executive Director of the IFCA

“good and helpful…I appreciated some of the practical aspects.” Dr. David Whitaker, President, Venture Church Network

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