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James Daughtry has devoted more than 30 years to studying and teaching the Bible. He has appeared at conferences and on radio programs throughout the United States. After graduating from Bible college, he earned a Masters degree  from a Mexican university while serving as a missionary. He is fluent in Spanish and continues to be involved in cross-cultural ministries.

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jim for more than 20 years... he is a man with a great heart for God, for God's people, for God's Word, and for God's ministry. He has a ministry mindset and has discipled men in both Spanish and English... Jim is a man of God and I highly recommend him and his ministry to you."  

Craig Parro, President, Leadership Resources 

James Daughtry
When I Became A Man

Christian leaders are giving great reviews to his new book, 

The Words of King Lemuel

Although Proverbs 31 is well known, it is not well understood. In this amazing book, James Daughtry unlocks the secrets of this ancient Proverb. Through his extensive research of the Middle East and the Hebrew language, he uncovers the lost and hidden meanings. Using simple terms, he clearly explains each verse and reveals the incredible truths.

As you read each chapter, you will be transported back in time to a land and civilization that is different from our modern society. At first, their customs may seem strange, but you will soon begin to understand their way of life. This easy-to-read book includes questions and can serve as a group study guide or personal devotional.

His book, When I Became A Man, has received the excellent reviews from Christian leaders. 

This Bible study guide allows men to study through the Bible on the subject of manhood. Each chapter examines a key theme in the Bible on the role of a man. The chapters begin with a brief introduction to a specific topic followed by relevant questions based on Bible verses. The Bible study guide helps men to explore God’s word on practical subjects that they can easily understand and apply to their lives.When I Became A Man is for all men. Single men as well as married men will be challenged by the topics. Men with children or men without children will be able to apply the lessons. Younger men and older men will be inspired by this Bible study guide.

Pacific Garden Mission

Giving Back 

A large percentage of the profits from The Words of King Lemuel and When I Became A Man is used to provide free copies to prison chaplains, missionaries, and low-income ministries.  

Pastor Jeff Bower of the Pacific Garden Mission, home of the "Unshackled" radio program receives a case of books from author James Daughtry. The Mission has used When I Became A Man in their men's Bible training program to disciple men. 

James Daughtry also supports The Lighthouse, a Christian Men's Rehabilitation Center. 

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