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James Daughtry has devoted more than 30 years to studying and teaching the Bible. He has appeared at conferences and on radio programs throughout the United States. After graduating from Bible college, he earned a Masters degree from a Mexican university while serving as a missionary. He is fluent in Spanish and continues to be involved cross-cultural ministries.

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jim for more than 20 years... he is a man with a great heart for God, for God's people, for God's Word, and for God's ministry. He has a ministry mindset and has discipled men in both Spanish and English... Jim is a man of God and I highly recommend him and his ministry to you."

Craig Parro, President, Leadership Resources

James Daughtry
When I Became A Man

His book, When I Became A Man, has received the highest reviews from Christian leaders. A large percentage of the profits from the book is used to provide free copies to prison chaplains, missionaries, and low-income men's ministries. Pastor Jeff Bower of the Pacific Garden Mission, home of the "Unshackled" radio program receives a case of books from author James Daughtry. The Mission has used When I Became A Man in their men's Bible training program to disciple men. James Daughtry also supports The Lighthouse, a Christian Men's Rehabilitation Center.

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